Admissions Procedures

We allocate places at Kingsley firstly on the criteria set out in our admissions policy which you will find in the Organisation Policy section. This says’

“We arrange our waiting list in order of children needing grant funded education and wrap around to the nursery day.  In addition our policy may take into account the following:

-the vicinity of the home to the setting; and

-siblings already attending the group”

This means that places will be allocated to children who will be grant funded during the year, then wrap around to the nursery day.  Where possible children who are sibling of children already attending will be given priority on teh places as we believe that families should where possible be in the same setting for the ease of the parent’s who would only have to collect from one setting and the benefit for the children of being with their brother/sisters in the wrap-around to the school day.

The allocations process starts in the Spring Term when members of the senior management team look at the places currently used and email all families asking if they wish to continue for the following year.  A cut off date for replies is in place and any families that have not responded by this date lose their rights to continue in the setting after the 1st September for that year.

Once we have received confirmation of those families that wish to continue, we then look at all the allocations forms received for the September intake.  Palace are then allocated to grant funded children, with the earliest application forms first, then wrap around to the nursery day, again with the earliest application forms first.  We then allocated any spaces to parents who missed the cut off date, as the staff will have already developed a relationship with the child, lastly in the event that there are any spaces, any other application for infant and junior children will be considered, with priority given to the infant aged children

For our Admissions policy please see the Organisation Policy