Parents are required to pay for the sessions that the child is booked in for regardless of whether the child was off or ill. If you no longer require a session a month’s notice is required or one month’s fee’s in lieu of notice.

The hours charged for each of these sessions are calculated by the hour and part thereof.  E.g 3.25pm to 4.25pm = one hour

3.25pm to 5.25pm = 2 hours

3.25pm to 6 pm = 2 ½ hours which is the maximum fee for term time attendance.

All payments to the setting will incur an additional charge if made by cheque or cash to cover the bank fee’s of 50p per cheque or cash payment.

An annual bill is generated for each family, this shows the amount for each month.  Your bill will be updated at a minimum of 3 times during the year, when payments and play scheme usage will be added.

Non payment will result in the place being cancelled. In the event that a parent then pays the fees their child’s name can be added to the waiting list or re-accommodated subject to spaces.

Any returned or dishonoured cheques will be subject to an additional fee of £20 to cover administration.


Fee’s rate from the 1st January 2018


Before and after school  £5.30 per hour

Middle of day – wrap around to nursery/ grant funded session. £17

9am to 3.30pm   £26

Playscheme £4.60 per hour before early payment discount, then the fee will be £4.25, booking is by the round hour to a maximum of 10 hours for a full day (if you require 7.30 am to 6 pm the last 1/2 hour is free).

(please see Playscheme booking form info)