Welcome to Kingsley Child Care. We are a full day care setting that is specialised in wrap around to the local school day. This includes Before and After school to infant and junior aged children and wrap around to the nursery day. We have been established since 2005 and cater for children aged 3 upwards. We are better catered for the younger child but will accept junior and infant aged children.

The setting is open Monday to Friday from 7.30am to 6pm daily. We provide term time care to all children who have a space. Care can also be booked on a first come first serve basis in the holidays and for inset days. We close for one week at Christmas and for one week in August (this will usually be the first full week). We also provide care when the schools close for snow as many of the staff live within walking distance.

We are registered with OFSTED to provide care for up to 36 children in the before and after school sessions and 24 children in the middle of the day (9am to 3.30pm) and holiday playscheme.

The setting believes that the child is the centre and that by working in partnership with parents and carers we can provide a safe and secure environment for your child to reach their full potential. The major emphasis is on providing a fun, stimulating, safe and happy environment.



If you would like to find out more please ring us on 01564 774144, visit our website or call in and visit us at 53 Hanbury Road, Dorridge, B93 8DW.


We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) for all children aged up to the age of 5 (this includes reception aged children). The EYFS sets out the legal welfare requirements (these will be found in the policies) that we must meet and curriculum guidance for the activities that we plan for the children.

The EYFS has four principles which we follow. They are A Unique Child, Positive Relationships, Enabling Environments and Learning and Development.

The first principle is:

Every child is an unique child, who is constantly learning and can be resilient, capable, confident and self-assured.

This principle encompasses Child Development, Inclusive Practice, Keeping Safe and Health and Well-being.

The second principle is:

Children learn to be strong and independent through positive relationships

This principle involves Respecting Each Other, Parents as Partners, Supporting Learning and Key Person.

The third principle is:

Children learn and develop well in enabling environments, in which their experiences respond to their individual needs and there is a strong partnership between practitioners and parents and/or carers

This encompasses Observation, Assessment and Planning, Supporting Every Child, The Learning Environment and The Wider Context.

The fourth principle is:

Children develop and learn in different ways and at different rates.

The principle involves Play and Exploration, Active Learning, Creativity and Critical Thinking and Areas of Learning and Development.

For children aged up to the age of 5 we will plan activities for the children. When we carry out this planning we will plan for a prime area (Physical Development, Communication and Language and Personal Social and Emotional Development) and a specific area (Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding of the World and Expressive Arts and Design) for each week, this rotates through the weeks and therefore we will plan for all seven areas of learning giving them an equal weighting.

Middle of the day sessions (9am to 3.30pm)

When a child starts at the setting, the staff team will carry out a series of activities and observations on your child so that they can determine which level of learning your child is achieving at. Plans will then be written to develop this attainment level with your child’s interests at the heart of the activities.

There are two sessions each day – a morning session and an afternoon session. Each session will follow a routine but there is flexibility for change as and when it is needed. During each session we will have a shared time where the children sit down together and share (this ranges from stories, discussions and activities). We will plan a focused activity based on the areas of learning. When we plan these activities we look at what each child has achieved and what their next steps are.

We believe that social activities are an important aspect of the day. Social times such as snack and lunch time are an important time to be able to share together. We also plan for physical play session these will mainly be outside but when this is not possible indoor physical sessions will be planned.

We work towards have a close working relationships with all parents/ carers. A daily diary will be sent via email telling you about what activities your child has engaged in and what food they have eaten. Each child will be allocated a key person who will work closely with your child and their family.

Before (7.30am to 9am) and Afterschool (3.30pm to 6pm)

The before school session begins at 7.30am when the front door is unlocked. The children will hang up their coats and bags in the toilet area which has pegs. The manager of the session will sign the children in on the register. If the child has been booked in for breakfast they will go over to the food area and tell the staff member what they would like for their breakfast. When they have finished or if they are not booked into breakfast they will be supported by the staff member in accessing a toy of their choosing. They will be supported by the staff to play with their friends. From approximately 8.30am all the children will be encouraged to tidy away all the toys. They will then be supported in sitting down on the carpet for notices. The notices will cover a range of topics over the term including danger awareness, rules of the setting, stranger danger and safety. The children will then fetch their bags and coats and will be supported to put them on. The staff will then sort the children into mixed age groups to be walked to school. As the children leave the setting they will be signed out on the register All children in nursery and reception will hold hands on the walk to and from school. Children in all other years will walk close to the staff member. If the children are not sensible when walking to and from school they will be put back on hand hold.

Children over the age of 8 can walk from the school to the setting which is on the same road if the parents sign an over 8s agreement which lays out the strict rules which the children must abide by. Failure to follow these rules will result in the privilege being removed. In the summer term, reception age children will be assessed to ensure that they are safe to walk to and from school without holding hands in the following year.

After school begins as the children are collected from their classroom. The children will be organised into mix age groups and walked back to the setting. Once back at the setting the children are signed into the register and they will be supported in hanging their bags and coats up and will then go and sit on the carpet zone for notices. The children who are booked into tea will then wash their hands and sit at the tea tables. The rest of the children will be supported in their play – when possible we will play outside as we are proud of our outdoor space (come for a visit and see for yourself). If the weather is wet we will provide physical sessions for the children inside followed by free play. As the numbers become smaller typically at 5.30 although this time may be changed at the discretion of the manager a special selection of toys will become available following the rest of the toys being tidied away. All toys available to the children are age appropriate. The junior have access to the junior area with toys and resources designed for their age. The other children are not allowed in this area. As all children leave they must be signed out on the register by their parent or carer (this is a statutory requirement).


During the day there is the option to book in for meals – these include breakfast, lunch and tea. Breakfast is served from 7.30am to 8.15am. The children are offered a choice of cereals and/or toast with a range of spreads and a drink.

The lunch is offered depending on the session times booked by the parents. The children will be offered different foods depending on the menu which is published on our website.

Tea is offered in afterschool, children are offered a sandwich with a choice of fillings or one of an option during the winter (these range from scrambled egg on toast, beans on toast or a toasted sandwich), crisps, vegetables and a pudding which is rotated depending on the day.

Playscheme and inset days

We operate on Playscheme and inset days when the school is shut. These days are run in the same way. These sessions are bookable (booking forms are available on the website). Fees are chargeable on an hourly basis.

Each day follows a routine, the day starts with breakfast and free play. At 9am the craft activities will be offered where children have a choice over what they would like to do. At mid-morning the children will be offered a snack and a drink followed by outside play or a physical session. At noon, the children will sit down together to have their lunch. After lunch the children will have a shared time with stories, songs or DVDs. The afternoon follows a similar pattern to the morning with physical sessions, crafts and snack time. This is followed by tea and free play.


We are required to work 1 adult to 8 children under the statutory framework of the Early Years Foundation Stage. Our Managers are qualified to at least a level 4 qualification. Our Deputy Managers will be qualified to at least a level 3 qualification and all nursery nurses must hold or be working towards a level 2 qualification as a minimum. We also employ play workers to work in the before and after school sections of the day. These play workers are mainly sixth form students working towards A Levels. Whether the staff members are qualified in child care and education or not they will be required to undertake staff training in a number of areas. At the minimum they must take part in Safeguarding training. If you would like to know more about the staff qualifications, please visit our website and click on the staff team link.


We believe that every child should be safe from harm. We have a robust recruitment process and have robust procedures in place for ongoing staff training and reporting concerns. For more information about safeguarding please read our policies which can be found on our website.

Equal Opportunities

We believe that no child or family should be excluded from our activities on the grounds of age, sexuality, class, family status, means, disability, colour, ethnic origin, culture, religion or beliefs. We aim to ensure that all who wish to attend, work in or volunteer to help with the group have an equal chance to do so.

No smoking

There is a no smoking policy in place that covers the whole the setting and the premises. This covers all of the outside area up to the end of the driveway.


If you would like to register a place for your child, please come for a visit and we can show you around and answer any questions you may have. We will require a registration form to be completed via the website.

Places are offered to the nursery children first, then to siblings of children already using the setting and then to any other child.

To secure a place for your child, a deposit and signed policies and terms of conditions will be required.

Questions to consider when you visit

  • Are the children happy?
  • Are the staff friendly?
  • Do you feel the staff were interested in the child?
  • Were you offered free introductory sessions?
  • Are all ages, abilities and stages catered for?
  • Are the premises clean and tidy?
  • Does it have a garden and is it accessible all day?
  • Have the staff got first aid qualifications?
  • Will your child have a key worker?
  • Is there sufficient security?